Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cadence's Baby Blessing

The blessing was beautiful, Sean was a little nervous but he did great. We had a big circle with uncles, great uncles, grandpas and great grandpas. We were so glad that John and Stacey would be there with their cute family. We missed the Asays and Steven and Alisha and can't wait for Elder Justin and Elder Brady Sjoblom to meet their beautiful niece. Cadence was a little angel all day even though I'm sure she was uncomfortable in that fancy, scratchy dress. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives and can't wait to meet all of her brothers and sisters. (Well, we can wait a little while...)

Cadence hugging her uncle Rob.

I always tease Sean and say I wish that he liked being a dad. ( He LOVES it! )
Grandpa Chapman stole her headband. Who wore it best?
She finally got to meet her aunt Stacey.
Eating lunch in our back yard.
Kaylee and Brooklyn are photogenic even when they're eating.
Everyone wants to be close to her.
Mom feeding her little princess.
Uncle Ryan feeding Cadence.


  1. What a beautiful and wonderful day! We're as so sad to have missed it! It looks like some wonderful family togetherness! Cadence looks just like a princess! Her dress is so pretty!
    Shell, do you even look like you just had a baby? You don't look like it. What have you done?
    Stacey's hair looks so blonde that Evelyn pointed at Stacey and said that it was aunt Collett.
    The girls really enjoyed looking at all of your pictures. Cute little family you got there! Miss you all so much and wish we could be close! Love you!

  2. All I did was hide my belly in all the pictures. I have a little pooch still, and it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere.