Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cadence is almost 4 months...

We always laugh when we're taking her shirt off and it gets stuck on her head, so this time we took some pictures to remember it.

Sean is the cutest Dad. He loves playing with his little princess.

Look at that skinny little neck, so cute!

This is just a great picture of Sean, he's a great Dad and a very good looking husband!

Cadence has just started to discover her hands and what they can do. She loves to pull anything she can to her mouth and if there's nothing in her hands ( like a toy, my arm or hand, a blanket or a burp cloth ) then she's pretty satisfied with just her hands. She's also started grabbing her toys and batting at them when she's in her swing. She has one little pink toy dog with long skinny legs and big feet and she loves to grab the feet and shove them in her mouth. Last night she was watching Sean play a video game and she started moving her hands all around trying to imitate what he was doing. What a cutie pie!

Here we have the lovely bald spot...

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