Friday, November 13, 2009


Here are some pictures from Halloween and the few weeks leading up to it.

This was our family on Halloween. We had a little party with the Chapman family.

While we were at Grandma and Grandpa Sjoblom's house (on Halloween) Cadence's aunt Kaylee put this silly wig on her head and I thought it was pretty cute. Cadence didn't seem to mind.

Here's her flower costume. Isn't she just a little ray of sunshine?

Cadence and her cousins Aryana (princess) and Josie (chick).

The traditional doughnut's on a string...
My hat was wanting to fall off.

Here we have our lovely vampire pumpkin family. Cadence did help by sitting on my lap while I painted her pumpkin.

We went on a picture scavenger hunt and here are some of the pictures from it. (All taken at Walmart)

In this picture we were supposed to find Spongebob underwear. We found were they should have been but apparently they were out of stock so we took a picture with the rack where they went.

Just a few pictures of Cadence and Mom.

She always opens her mouth when I get close to her face and open mine.


  1. I love the order that you posted your doughnut eating in. In the second picture, you must have put some back on. You're amazing like that! Very cute pumpkins. Much cuter than ours. I like the shirt you're wearing in you pumpkin picture. I think it is actually from 1991. I think it used to be mine and before that, Stacey's and I'm sure it probably came from Dave and Beth before that...
    Such a cute picture of the two of you about to eat each other. Cadence has such a fun personality and I love her little tongue and facial expressions.
    Looks like you got a high chair. It's a cute one, but it looks like it makes her slump. I think my friend has the same one and it made her little girl slump, but now she's almost 2 and it's fine. I think it was a pretty cheep one though, right?
    Cute pictures! Keep them all coming!

  2. Thanks Trina. We got the high chair for about $35. It's very portable and it's perfect for us right now! I would love to buy a higher quality one at some point but right now I have to take it with me to our new house every day so I can work on the house and take care of Cadence.